The Journey Continues

Photo 3One of the benefits of reaching “a certain age”  – and having the fledgling leave the nest and fly off to college – is that you have more time on your hands . . . time to reach back and reconnect with those things that have given you the most joy in life . . . and the experience and wisdom to know for sure what those things are.

Around two decades ago, the tarot was a major part of my everyday life.

And that never really stopped . . . once you’ve experienced the tarot, up close and personal, it truly is always a part of you and the way you view life . . . but other things jostled their way to the forefront and demanded more attention.  My cherished cards stayed safely in their boxes.

Now the time is right to reconnect, both with the tarot and with the wonderful and vibrant online tarot community.  I see some familiar faces from the old Tarot-L and Comparative Tarot days still out there on the ‘net . . . and also some wonderful new folks I’m looking forward to meeting.

And, as always, there is so much to learn, and there are so many amazing new decks to study and to write about. was my website back in the day, and it seems entirely right and fitting to be back at the same address.  My logo, then and now, is a charming little Fool, sketched for me by an aspiring art student many years ago.  I’ve always loved that, instead of the more common left/inner/past direction, he’s facing right – outward, toward the future.  He’s been waiting all this time to escape from his digital file and once again set forth on his Journey – blissfully, confidently, and without fear of consequences.  He still inspires me.

Going forward, this site will feature my own eclectic collection of musings about tarot and related topics . . . and perhaps, if I get really ambitious, a return of Over the Edge Designs exclusive tarot bags and spread cloths.

I’m honored that you stopped by my little corner of the web, and hope that you will find it worthwhile to visit again from time to time.


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